Excellence Consultancy For Excellent Brands

Do you have the sensation that your brand’s values have not really been grasped by your customers?

Do you need something extra to attract new clients? Is your brand based on reason or emotions?

You need to review your values and essence to decide whether the language used is suitable to reach the clients you really want to reach.

Because, although a brand is not a person, it is alive and can seduce us or leave us cold.



Aimed at:

Marketing departments and branding agencies that need an external qualitative diagnosis of the current state of their brands and new alternatives for positioning them.


How I work:

Qualitative surveys with external/internal clients; group workshops to get an understanding of values, personality and brand essence, emotional attributes, the personality of the target market, exploration of creative areas. I also work together with creative agencies specializing in your type of organization and your brands.


“conCedeCoaching is a partner who grasped our needs right from the start and always comes up with the perfect process to achieve each objective. The most important: they have helped our whole team and our clients to change aspects of our way of working and to be able to apply what we’ve learned in a practical and natural way.” I. M. Corporate identity manager


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