Interpersonal skills

Would you like to get better results out of your relations with your clients?
Would you like to get rid of some sales habits acquired after many years?
Do you know the basic tools of emotional intelligence to influence others?

Let’s make things work better for everyone and build WIN-WIN relationships based on integrity and quality because you need your clients and suppliers as much as they need you.




Who is it aimed at?

Leaders, managers, work groups and sales teams who need to develop and maintain productive relationships with both internal and external clients.



You will:

  1. Identify the social skills
  2. Develop emotional skills to help in negotiation
  3. Understand and process other people’s needs
  4. Prepare well the whole selling process
  5. Improve the way you manage objections
  6. Increase your motivation




My suggestions:

Workshops of 8/16 hours (for groups of up to 16 participants).

Techniques used: the 4 keys and non-verbal communication (Allan Pease), emotional intelligence, NLP, commercial DISC.



This course is not for you if:

  • You’ve been your company’s top salesperson (for the last 5 years)
  • Magnetism is your strong point
  • People can’t help loving you



“In a time of constant change and situations which require flexibility this course has helped me to realize the importance of the emotions and the power of language in our workplace. This workshop makes more meaningful links between you and your team by sharing what is really important and strengthening relationships. We are looking forward to facing new challenges.” M. G. Commercial director retail sector


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