Team coaching

Is your role in the work team you belong to well-defined and agreed?
Have you agreed on specific norms which guarantee commitment and that objectives will be reached?
What level of confidence and communication do you have at a day-to-day management level?

Because team work takes us further we must understand where we’re heading and what each role consists of.

We each bring different competences to the team and team management is vital to make sure that collective performance has a positive impact on results.

We say yes to both teams and high performance.




Who is it aimed at?

Management and working teams which need to improve integration to work together as a high-performance team.



You will:

  1. Analyze how well your team works.
  2. Achieve a unified picture of the team and its projects.
  3. Build confidence and commitment.
  4. Improve communication.
  5. Agree on norms and interaction values to get results.
  6. Draw up plans of action and KPIs.




My suggestions:

Team workshops using the DISC model (8/12 hours).

Optional follow-up sessions with the team to measure progress. Techniques used: DISC, Team Coaching, Systemic Coaching.



This workshop is not for your company if:

  • Your Engagement levels are above 90% in surveys of working environment.
  • You already have High-Performance teams.
  • The results of your team prove that you have achieved sustainable growth in results.



“conCedeCoaching worked with Mc LEHM through 2014 with several coaching processes for our executives, both individuals and teams. Powerful and high-impact tools such as DISC were used and the results were both productive and enriching for our whole team. We will certainly be working with you in the future!” D. M. Human resources director translation sector


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