Strategic Coaching

Are your business plans and projects well structured and clearly defined: objectives, goals, options and action plans?
Do you have the simple tools to move your strategies from paper to the real world?
Do you measure what you’re doing and make short and longer term adjustments?

Your organization’s new projects will require sense and clarity.

There are tried-and-tested methods which provide orientation and simplicity to help consolidate your most exclusive strategies. It may be difficult to believe but people often start designing a house with the roof. Let’s draw up some quality plans.




Who is it aimed at?

Management and working teams which need guidance to develop their business plans.



You will achieve:

  1. Group understanding of your business vision.
  2. Commitment to and focus on the objectives to be achieved.
  3. Discovery of the real obstacles and ways of improving.
  4. Identification of current and potential resources.
  5. Definition of sustainable strategies whose progress in time you can measure.
  6. A plan of action.




My suggestions:

Workshops of 4/6 hours (for groups of up to 8 participants).

Techniques used: The Six Thinking Hats, Model Canvas/GROW/SOAR.

Optional follow-up session.



This workshop is not for your company if:

  • You have “Kitchen Cabinets” which permit outside opinions on your strategies and business model.
  • Your strategic leadership is based on the use of the brain, emotions and continuous innovation.
  • You’re open to new strategies and are always looking for common-sense frames of reference.



“Loreto is a great facilitator and coach. I experienced her expertise during a strategy session with one of our portfolio companies and can recommend her to any company that wants to find the right tools for strategic alignment.” C.P. Co-Founder, Managing Partner & Investor


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