Generating Ideas

Do you think that creativity is difficult and is just for your branding agencies?
Do you need some fresh thinking to come up with new solutions to your problems?
Have you tried efficient ways of learning how to change the way you think??

In a working environment dominated by conflict, the word “can’t”, repetition and routine we need to feel that we can be creative and develop.

We need to believe that our spark and ideas are useful to build new paths of tangible development which lead us to success. Creativity + Action = Innovation.



Who is it aimed at?

Management and working teams which need a guided and efficient method to develop new ideas for their business plans and new projects.


You will:

  1. Develop your creative thinking
  2. Maximize your intelligence.
  3. Explore new alternatives.
  4. Find new solutions to your problems.
  5. Build collective talent.
  6. Get clear results.




My suggestions:

Workshops of 4/6 hours (with groups of up to 8).

Techniques used: The Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking (Edward de Bono).

Optional follow-up session.



This workshop is not for your company if:

  • You are among the most innovative in your sector.
  • You frequently dedicate space and resources to the generation of ideas.
  • You find it easy to convert those ideas into actions and strategies.



“With a half-day workshop in English Loreto managed to inject motivation, a co-operative spirit, creativity and passion into a project which involved developing a brand and rebooting its culture. The results went far beyond all our expectations and those of our client and proved that Loreto is an extremely able and energetic professional.” V. M. Client partner branding agency


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