Evaluating Competences

Do you know the difference between talent and skill?
Do you know what your competences are but they don’t match the strategies required in your professional environment?
Which of your skills would you like to work on so that you can achieve your goals?

Evaluacion de Competencias2To get the best from the skills you have and to strengthen others you need to understand the way you act and see the world. This is not personality, but repeated acts over time.

It’s useful to know which competences you can change and which you can improve and it’s better if this is done with rigour and objectively.








Who are we aiming at?

Any professional who needs to measure and evaluate the development of his/her competences using the DISC method to find out what the starting point is and how to set about achieving those objectives.
Human Resources departments that need user-friendly and rigorous evaluation tools to promote both individual and group development. These tools shape a competence unified system within the company which can also be used for hiring.



You will:

  1. Understand how you behave and the effect this has on other people.
  2. Identify your strong points and also areas where you can improve.
  3. Learn how to communicate more effectively.
  4. Detect beliefs/thoughts which might be holding you back as you try to achieve your objectives.
  5. Have a clear understanding of the specific objectives to work on to progress along your chosen career path.
  6. Build your own personal growth plan based on your competences.




How it’s done:

An online test (24 questions) which evaluates your ability to take Decisions (how we react to Challenges), your level of Interaction (how we relate with and influence other people), Serenity (how we react to change) and Compliance (how we react to procedures).

It doesn’t take any more than 10 minutes to complete the test and you receive your report straight away. Optional one-hour session to go through the report.



“To feel empathy with your coach is vital for me and I felt comfortable with Loreto from the first email. When I met her this positive impression was even stronger. She transmits confidence and honesty. Discovering the DISC is one of the most interesting things that has happened to me. It’s amazing how such “innocent” questions can lead to the best and most realistic self-analysis I have yet to read. Totally recommendable…even necessary! P.A. Financial director in service sector








Who is it aimed at?

Executives and business leaders who are open to receiving 360º feedback from other members of their organization on their skills in areas such as communication, leadership, adaptability, social skills, management functions, productivity, developing both self and others.




  1. A quantitative analysis of your strengths and areas to improve.
  2. Objective information based on how you behave.
  3. An understanding of the differences between evaluating yourself and other people.
  4. A detailed and specific plan of action whose success you will be able to measure.
  5. The chance to practice new ways of doing things.
  6. A change in the way you behave and see things.




How it’s done:

An initial interview based on the 360º feedback report.

The test is carried out anonymously and confidentially by collaborators, colleagues and supervisors who evaluate the core competences of a professional.

An online solution makes it possible to automate the annual process of assessment of performance of competences. Wide range of possible applications: 90º, 180º and 360º evaluations.

Choice of roles and questionnaires. Process also in Spanish.



The evaluation of competences is not for you if:

  • You already have a fairly recent report.
  • You think your competences are sharp enough.
  • You have a very clear idea of your profile and understand why you behave the way you do.



“Loreto creates a trusting atmosphere right from the start. Our conversation was very revealing and her knowledge of the tool and her enthusiasm were perfect to get maximum benefit from the session.” J. Z. Director of a legal consultancy


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