Executive Coaching

How do you contribute to your company’s success?
How important do you think it is to work on your professional skills?
Would you like to be a high-performance professional?

You need to make the best of your talent to shine and help others shine.

Because if you want to lead to get results, you’ll have to give yourself some space and time to work on your competences and get more than 100% out of them.

We need to feel that we are making an effective contribution to our environment.




Who are we aiming at?

Executives, managers, middle-managers and employees who need to improve their results and achieve their objectives in the workplace.



You will achieve:

  1. A neutral and confidential space for reflection and individual analysis.
  2. Personal attention to work on your skills.
  3. Knowledge of new tools and ways of doing things.
  4. Concrete plans of action and results you can measure.
  5. Accelerated change.
  6. Professional development and growth which you can also apply to your personal life.




My suggestions:

In periods of between 6 and 12 one-hour sessions. In-company or outside. Weekly or fortnightly.



This is not for you if:

  • You achieve all the objectives you set yourself without difficulties.
  • You use new methods of professional development with optimum results.
  • You think that coaching is the “corporate couch” (L.W.)



“It’s very easy to talk to Loreto as she is a very empathetic person. She makes you think, become aware of your situation and begin to take steps to change what you want to change.” A. G. Project director in the service sector


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